Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something cute for spring!

I hope all is going well for everyone, have a nice update for you yet again.
Please zoom into the pictures for all the product detail.
On a side note all items from the "Love Song" series is now at the main store.

We have a new gatcha item:

 Sweet Garters 3 rare - 30L a play

Foot Alphas - Free

 Interesting Lipstick - Free

Next some cosplay tattoos and a cute dress:

Folding Stars Dress - 50L

Do So Kindly - 40L

Stitched up - 40L

There is also a special update for the cosmetics shop:

Cute Marks - 40L

Heart Cheeks - 20L

Pretty Teeth - 30L

 Cheek Shines - 20L

Soft Lips - 40 (All colors included.)

A couple of odd ball goodies as well:

Wisp Avatar - 30L
I will warn you it requires you to have 5000+ particles turned on.
This depends greatly on what sim you are in and what type of client is used.
Please put some thought into buying this, and research whatever client you are using.

Quirky Topiaries - 40L

That is everything for now, I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my cute partner who is watching me update this - Nai Alchemi

Stop in anytime:

Take Care

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lots of neat new things!

Hello everyone!
Just as a heads up I will be participating in May Horror Haute
and currently an event to help one of our own is going on For Avea Heartsick

I've been threatening for months now, the remolding has finally started,
ultimately it has just resulted in me having a sale soon - not retiring older items;
just will be putting them someplace else after the sale.  More on this later.

As promised; it's been awhile but another very large update.
This time around just zoom in on the poster for all the info.
For sake of speed I will keep this very sweet and simple:

200L for Horror Haute May.
Another large avatar kit (no skin included though.)



1L for the Ultimate Kawaii Hunt then 50L afterwards

200L For Avea Heartsick exclusive until the end of the event.
100% of the profit goes to help her.  Get the full avi here.  
After the event she will be at the mainstore.




200L Each

200L All colors included!

20L Nai my lovely partner made this for Rudh

I have  lots more items planned, but sometimes when I find myself working on to many big projects at once, I begin to work on smaller projects to give myself a mental break.  In this case some nice tights and underwear, there will be some related gatcha items out soon too:









Hope this was worth the wait again!
As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my currently occupied with a program,  but sweet partner Nai Alchemi

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Take Care

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We ♥ Eyes

Hello everyone, after the response to the eyes that are included with GLaDOS 2.0, and the periwinkle <3 eyes freebie, I went ahead and made a package of various colors:

<3 Eyes - 100L
10 colors: orange, blue, pink, black, purple, green, red, honey, silver, yellow 
all colors included.  These come as regular system eyes, as well as MESH NON-RIGGED, scripted eyes so you can have a heterochromatic look. (dule color eyes.)

[skin/shape/head from The Sugar Garden.  Show Eilfie Sugarplum some love.]

This may have been a small update, but those whom asked for this should be happy.
On another note though, it will be a rather long length of time before the next big update.  
But once again I have some great things in mind so look forward to it. 

As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my blender using, and adorable  partner - Nai Alchemi

Stop in anytime:

Take Care

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Massive Update.

Hello everyone.  First allow me to apologize for not updating the shop in so long.  However I promise this update is well worth it.  A few things have already been poped into the shop with a previous announcement that never made it to the blog.  So here is the full update, with not only the items previously not listed; but a few very special new items as well:
[Freebies too!] [ Also the best comes last, so be sure to look through all of this!]

Let's start with the freebies shall we?:

Classy Bowler - Free
Classic unisex hat, with two textures: black and brown

Spring Panties - Free
Cute panties on tattoo, pant, and underwear layers.

♥Eyes - Free
Test eyes, come in standard and non-rigged mesh flavor.  Expect more colors soon.

 Sora no Usagi - Free during The Anime Hunt (30L after the hunt)
Sora's bunny from Yosuga no Sora, scripted and non scripted versions included

New Releases:
[There is a new color choice system that doesn't bug out.
Simply touch the color you want and pay the frame.]

 My Heartbeat - 80L each
Pretty nighty set.
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, L, M, L

 Pop Ballerina - 50L each
Fun Miku Hatsune inspired tutu outfit.
Created for a friend of mine.

 My Heartbeat - 30L each
Silky dress, top appliers for both Lola Tangos & Deviant Lush.
This was an experimental dress that worked out well, so I deceased to share.

Horror Haute April:
[this was going to be out for March, but
there was a script issue which is now fixed.]

Rainbow Hunter - 200L each (400L after Horror Haute April)
Massive zombie/hunter girl outfit kit, with titing HUD and 2 types of everything.
My super good friend and blogger Rudh, inspired me to do this.  
Since she is equal parts of zombie girl and rainbow crazy person.
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, L, M, L

Special feature item:
[Please... don't scream in my ear like that...]

 GLaDOS 2.0 - 500L
It has finally happened.  I hope it was worth the hmm nearly 3 year wait?
This is a massive set that includes everything shown and even tons of stuff not shown.
There are 2 types of mix/match outfits included.  Though as a warning each 'part' is packaged so you will have to open each one, there are  A LOT of parts to this so try to stay organized.
[skin/shape/head from The Sugar Garden.  Show Eilfie Sugarplum some love.]

I hope all of this has made the wait worth while.

As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my currently playing minecraft,  but sweet partner Nai Alchemi

Stop in anytime:

Take Care

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Horror Haute & Touhou Cosplay

Hello there everyone, it's a rather small but very nice update:

First off Horror Haute:

 The Secretary - 200L
A very sexy set, full outfit and accessories.  
They always say it's the maid, but sometimes it's the secretary.
Standard Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L

Momiji Inubashiri - 500L
A very large cosplay set including lots of outfit options.
This is only part mesh.
Standard Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L

As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my grumpy though still cute and sweet partner Nai Alchemi

Stop in anytime:

Take Care

Monday, January 14, 2013

Announcements, & new products

There is a lot to cover today, so I shall get right to the point:

First off a small recap of the Femboy Hunt A 2L hunt starting on the 15th:

Lamp*Light Femboy Hunt Prize:
Goodnight your highness, tintable tshirts for everyone.

A special thank you to Rudhmellowen Laguna and our awesome little friend, 
Noelle Kross for the great poster.

 Lamp*Light Femboy Hunt Freebie Wall Prize:
Cute cap, a very nice texture change cap.

Now then we also have some new products, all part of a new collection:

 Black & Gold - 30L
A very pretty jewelry set including two types of earrings, a lip ring, and necklace.

 Night Out Cane - 40L
Spiffy gold cane with a tintable diamond.  5 poses, as well as a non scripted cane.
Also includes the loose poses.

 Night Out Corset - 80L each
Sexy and pretty corsets.
Sizes: XS, X, M, L, XL

 Night Out Jacket- 80L each
Bold jackets.
Sizes: XS, X, M, L, XL

 Night Out Pants - 80L each
Sleek pants to complete your look.
Sizes: Normal & Curvy

On a final note Lamp*Light will be participating in the January round of Horror Haute but more on that next week.
I believe that wraps up everything for this update.

As always if you run into any issues please note me - Aliceann Alter 
or my quirky and lovable partner Nai Alchemi

Stop in anytime:

Take Care